Looty Woods

In Looty Woods you can play as one of three characters: Knight, Archer,

or Mage. Complete missions with different objectives in forest, swamps and garden and get a chest full of treasures! In every arena you will fight different monsters: goblins, trolls, skeletons and other creatures are waiting to fight with you! 

Rescue missing villagers that were taken into captivity by evil monsters

 and help them return to their homes in the village. You will be their hero! In the village you can find the helpers: Witch who will prepare potions for you, Blacksmith who will help you with your armour and gear or Shopkeeper who will sell you necessary items. You can also make friends with pets! Find a cat or dog and pet them if you like! 

Use special skills to fight enemies! Upgrade your talents and become an epic hero in Looty Woods!

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