We are

We are sheepyard. And yes, we make games, not websites, so don’t  expect anything serious here ;) Thanks to our amazing team (or herd, if you prefere) of over 50 gamedev profeeeeessionals, we are bringing our original, creative and out-of-the-fence approach to a Polish mobile games industry.

And it doesn't end there - we are sharing our experience and skills with others in the business by working as a game publisher. Want to publish your game with us? Great! Click “Publishing” button to get more details.

We have built a team of specialists who not only create great mobile games but also love to spend time together, playing, partying, and having fun in each other’s company. And we’ve done that in just two years! So… where do you see yourself in five years? ;)

If you want to work with us, publish a game with us or just send us a meme (those are highly appreciated) feel free to send us a message. We reply to everyone - we are weird this way.

And if you want to read some serious and boring stuff like financial results go to our Investors Relations page